SustainaDrone is an innovative solutions suite of technologies and services, designed to collect valuable data to support project management activities and to enhance creative storytelling around client sustainability initiatives. From breathtaking aerial footage to thermal and infrared mapping, our fleet of drones is designed for variable landscapes, allowing us to discover more about the environments we know and unearth valuable information about the places we’re trying to understand.

Creative Storytelling: Applying decades of experience working in mainstream film & tv, we pair traditional photography and video production with drone-based and virtual reality media to produce rich content for broad distribution.

Industrial Applications: Utilize our fleet of drones for small or large-scale land areas. We offer high-resolution orthomosaic 2D and 3D maps. We apply a variety of camera sensors and filters such as Near Infrared (NIR), Normal Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI), and thermal imaging.

These services have been developed with one thing in mind: to empower those who choose to embark on sustainability initiatives with the tools and knowledge to achieve their highest goals. 

Want to fly drones? Our team is here to train you. Whether it be a group setting or one-on-one, it would be our pleasure to teach you how to use drone technologies in your own sustainability efforts.

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The SDS team is here to train you how to fly. Whether it be a group setting or one-on-one, it would be our pleasure to provide guidance and training on how you and your organizations can leverage drones for sustainability applications.

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