harmonizing a Relationship between agriculture and the environment

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The Gran Chaco is the second largest forest in South America. It provides essential habitat for an incredible diversity of plants and animals, many of which aren’t found anywhere else.

It is also home to 7.5 million people, and supports valuable agricultural sectors, such as the cattle and soy industries, which are important for regional economies.

Unfortunately, this unique and valuable region continues to be threatened by outdated business-as-usual models that result in large-scale deforestation and unsustainable expansion of cattle and soy production.

Just in the Argentine and Paraguayan Chaco alone, current business as usual projections estimate that over 15 million acres, or roughly 23,000 square miles, will be destroyed in the next decade. Sadly, these projections are based on outdated business models, which are often used to justify sacrificing valuable environmental lands for economic development.

But this is a false choice. There is no need to choose between a healthy environment and economic growth. We need both! More sustainable production models already exist that can help secure win-win outcomes for people, the economy and the environment. It’s possible to meet food security demands without destroying nature’s valuable assets. But this requires collaboration from all stakeholders and a willingness to look beyond the current set of outdated business-as-usual models.

Which pathway would you choose?

The Gran Chaco is the second largest forest in South America! It covers an area across Argentina and Paraguay and part of Bolivia and Brazil that is over three times the size of California.

This unique area with dry and humid forests is home to incredible species of plants and animals such as the Jaguar, Giant Armadillo, Rhea, and Puma. It is also home to over 3,500 plant, 500 bird and 200 reptile and amphibian species, many of which can’t be found anywhere else in the world. 

Unfortunately, the Gran Chaco is also one of the most threatened biomes in the world.

It has one of the highest deforestation rates in the world, due to the rapid and unsustainable expansion of agriculture – specifically for cattle and soy production.

The Chaco loses over 150 acres every hour! That’s an area close to the size of 2800 football fields – every day.


in collaboration with UNICEF, Comics Uniting Nations, Hypokrit Theatre Company, Rattlestick Playwrights Theater

the point nyc

September 2018


Integrating the Arts for Climate Sustainability during Climate Week NYC 2018 for #THEPOINTNYC

Inspired by a comic book story (Tre, by Sathviga ‘Sona’ Sridhar) about a climate change superhero and threaded together with messages about solutions and hope, THE POINT is a unique collaboration between the Comics Uniting Nations, Greenpoint Innovations, Hypokrit Theatre Company, Rattlestick Playwrights Theater, and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) to bring together artists, producers, educators, and local environmentalists for a series of artistic activations that include a comic book, public murals / street art, a theatrical experience, open dialogue, and an educational toolkit.

By leveraging the arts to bring together a local and global representation of children, youth, dignitaries, business leaders, and the general public, our goal is to recognize and act on the human impacts of climate change and the power and role of all people, particularly the youth, to take action for a better future.



Greenpoint Innovations teamed up with South Africa-based street artist Sonny (Instagram, website) and Brooklyn-based artist duo ASVP (Instagram, website) to produce two thematically-aligned murals within the contexts of climate change, deforestation, biodiversity, and indigenous people on the walls of Intermediate School 318, a north Brooklyn NYC Title 1 public junior high school. Murals dedication and ribbon cutting ceremony took place on 10/03 at 11 am.

+ Production Team

  • Stephen Donofrio (Director, Partnerships Coordinator)
  • Martin Hoffman (Director of Photography)
  • Annie Middleton (Logistics Support)

Following this summer’s debut of “Equilibrium,” a 5-story tall sustainability-themed mural painted on the exterior of Intermediate School 318 in Brooklyn, NY, street artist duo ASVP is offering a limited edition print run of the artwork to benefit the local Parent-Teacher Association. Read the press announcement for more info.

Now available in-store and online.

In addition to The Point NYC’s partners, special thanks to the many individuals and organizations who supported this project, including the NYC Department of Education and I.S. 318’s leadership and PTA, Assemblyman Joe Lentol, Councilman Stephen Levin, Town Square BK, Forest Trends, and the NYC Mayor’s Office.

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Learn more about the Yawanawa - the indigenous people of Acre, Brazil, the subject of SONNY’s mural, ‘KIN’, and watch our short docufilm about the Yawanawa: ‘Stewards of the Forest’.


‘Elements of Change’, a theatrical event. Hypokrit Theatre Company, in association with Rattlestick Playwrights Theater, and in partnership with UNICEF, Comics Uniting Nations, and Greenpoint Innovations, presented three public showings of Elements of Change, a play based on "Tré: The Adventures of Brother Earth," the comic book by Sona Sridhar, winner of the inaugural UNICEF Climate Comic Contest. Panel discussions followed each theatrical event.

+ Theatrical Team

  • Playwright: Divya Mangwani (Hypokrit)
  • Director: Arpita Mukherjee (Hypokrit)
  • Production Coordinator: Annie Middleton (Rattlestick)
  • Costume Designer: Deepsikha Chatterjee
  • Props Consultant: Nehprii Amenii
  • Movement Consultant: Fernando Villa Proal
  • Assistant Director: Hersh Ellis
  • Stage Manager: Karishma Bhagani
  • Line Producer: Emily Caffery

+ Cast

  • Gayatri Patel Bahl
  • María Fernanda Díez
  • Aja Downing*
  • Christian O. Jiménez*
  • Levin Valayil*

*Members of Actors' Equity Association (Equity Approved Showcase)

+ Advisors

  • Stephen Donofrio - Forests & Land Use (Greenpoint)
  • Callie King-Guffrey (UNICEF Public Partnerships)
  • Kristen Cordero (UNICEF Youth Engagement)
  • Steffen Dehn (UN Forum on Forests Major Group for Children & Youth)

Showtimes & Locations

+ Speakers & Panelists

  • Lisa Bloodgood, Director of Advocacy and Education at Newtown Creek Alliance

  • Meesha Brown, Comics Uniting Nations

  • Deborah Laurel, NYC-based architect and Board Member of NYC Audubon

  • Marni Majorelle, President of Alive Structures

  • Angelique Pouponneau, Environmental Lawyer and Co-founder of NGO SIDS Youth AIMS Hub - Seychelles

  • Panel Discussion Moderator: Stephen Donofrio, Principal & Founder of Greenpoint Innovations

+ Speakers & Panelists

  • Divya Mangwani, Playwright of Elements of Change

  • Kehkashan Basu, Founder of Green Hope, Young activist, Winner of 2016 International Children's Peace Prize

  • Steffen Dehn, Focal point for the Major Group Children and Youth to the United Nations Forum on Forests

  • Stefan Knights, UNEP Youth Advisor, Youth Environment Network

  • Angelique Pouponneau, Environmental Lawyer and Co-founder of NGO SIDS Youth AIMS Hub - Seychelles

  • Panel Discussion Moderator: Stephen Donofrio, Co-Organizer of THE POINT, Principal & Founder of Greenpoint Innovations

+ Speakers & Panelists

  • Divya Mangwani, Playwright of Elements of Change.

  • Arpita Mukherjee, Director of Elements of Change, Artistic Director of Hypokrit Theatre Company, Co-Organizer of THE POINT

  • Steffen Dehn, Focal point for the Major Group Children and Youth to the United Nations Forum on Forests.

  • Fatoumata Cisse, Alumni of the NYC Junior Ambassadors Program of the Mayor’s Office. Young climate activist from the south Bronx: https://medium.com/@globalnyc/my-wish-on-world-childrens-day-3b947a5eb49e

  • Gautam Narasimham, UNICEF Senior Advisor on Climate, Energy and Environment Policy

  • Eric Windley, Principal of Intermediate School 318

  • Panel Discussion Moderators: Stephen Donofrio, Co-Organizer of THE POINT, Principal & Founder of Greenpoint Innovations & Annie Middleton, Co-Organizer of THE POINT, Managing Director of Rattlestick Playwrights Theater


Greenpoint Innovations teamed up with Brooklyn SolarWorks and the Brooklyn Expo Center to illuminate Greenpoint’s iconic water tower in solar-powered green LED lights for the 2nd Climate Week NYC. Visible from Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, this installation serves as a ‘Beacon of Green’ to help raise the profile of Climate Week NYC, and climate-friendly energy solutions.

Special Thanks

Greenpoint Innovations would like to recognize the many other organizations who have volunteered time, support, and resources to The Point.


in collaboration with National Wildlife Federation International

Winning the Cerrado

September 2018

Screenshot 2018-10-10 06.09.01.png

Protecting Nature while Increasing Agricultural Production.

Unlocking Real Win-Win Opportunities in the Cerrado, Together, with Practical Solutions for Business, the Environment, Wildlife, and People.

The Brazilian Cerrado is the most biodiverse savannah on the planet, covering over 500 million hectares - nearly 3X the size of Texas, containing thousands of species of plants and animals that can only be found in this region of the world. The Cerrado also provides fresh water for millions of people, and its the breadbasket of Brazil.

Learn More: international.nwf.org

However, it is disappearing at an unprecedented rate: every 60 seconds, the equivalent of three football fields is lost, driven primarily by industrial agriculture for cattle and soy. But there is hope.

Brazilian and international companies are working on solutions to advance more sustainable agricultural practices. Millions of hectares in the Cerrado that have already been cleared can be used for agriculture. Win-win solutions are within reach for business, the environment, wildlife, and people.

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in collaboration with The Nature Conservancy and Nature4Climate

Planting Nature

September 2018

Screenshot 2018-09-08 17.43.00.png

Shining the light on the Serra de Mantiquiera and forest restoration

at the intersection of climate change and water sustainability.

Forests can deliver 30% of the climate solution needed by 2030.

The Mantiqueira Restoration Project is internationally recognized for its successes in carrying out forest restoration efficiently and effectively.

Greenpoint Innovations and Nature4Climate embarked upon a project to make an engaging film, 'Planting Nature', that brings alive the personal stories against the backdrop of such a restoration project. Using a mix of drone footage and old-fashioned storytelling, the film will bring alive what nature means to individuals and organizations.

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Research shows that nature is at least a third of the solution to climate change before 2030. In fact, we cannot achieve the Paris Agreement goals without natural climate solutions. These natural pathways are cost-effective, available now, easily scalable, and are critical to reducing the risk of catastrophic climate change.

Encompassing an area equal to the size of Portugal, Serra de Mantiquiera within the Atlantic Forest is a multi-benefit-producing ecosystem located in the financial heart of Brazil, between the State of Sao Paulo, Rio De Janeiro, and Minas Gerais. While once under-appreciated and undervalued, which led to large scale deforestation and land degradation, this precious ecosystem is being restored through the collaboration of a mix of actors – rural landowners, municipalities, not-for-profits. These activities are increasingly financially incentivized by municipalities, and The Nature Conservancy has been a key partner by providing empirical scientific monitoring and research while also sharing restoration practices, knowledge, and expertise.

This film is intended to generate a greater understanding of the variety of values derived from reforestation in critical natural capital biomes by featuring stories that connect people to the planet.


Watch the Videos

#NaturalClimateSolutions for a Low Carbon Future, released during COP 24 (Katowice, Poland) - presented by TNC & Nature4Climate

‘Planting Water’ (English)

'Plantando Agua' - ‘Planting Water’ (Portugese)

‘Planting Water’ (trailer)

in collaboration with Aveda, Native Energy, and Forest Trends

Aveda and the Yawanawa

November 2017


A Unique Opportunity for Aveda Salons and Institutes to Partner with the Yawanawa

GPI produced this investor pitch video for Aveda and NativeEnergy, who is creating an exclusive opportunity for members of the Aveda Network to participate in this exciting project that builds on Aveda's long relationship with the Yawanawa people. Soon, Aveda salons and Institutes will be able to help the Yawanawa build and achieve their Life Plan.

Helped in part by their unique 25-year partnership with Aveda, the Yawanawa have accomplished a lot in their struggle to remain in their pristine rainforest homeland. Through many forms of development assistance, along with the purchase of Urukum based ingredients, Aveda has helped the Yawanawa protect their land from loggers and become one of the first indigenous peoples in Brazil to gain recognition of their territory, revive their cultural traditions, and make great strides in restoring the health and well-being of their people.

Read more here.

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in collaboration with Forest Trends and US AID

stewards of the forest

September 2017

Screenshot 2018-10-25 15.11.21(2).png

Innovating the empowerment of forest-dependent communities to more fully contribute to and directly benefit from climate change mitigation efforts.

GPI worked with Forest Trends and USAID to produce a short documentary film, "Stewards of the Forest", about how successful partnerships among environmental and indigenous organizations - featuring the Yawanawa people of Acre, Brazil - has led to more secure human rights, improvements in the livelihoods of indigenous and traditional communities, increased capacity of sub-national governments to develop low-emissions rural development policies and programs, and protection against risks of deforestation.

As a component of this production, GPI’s SustainaDrone team joined DC-based nonprofit Forest Trends’ Communities Initiative for a visit to the Yawanawa people's Gregorio River Indigenous Territory in the State of Acre, where the initiative has been leading efforts through Accelerating Inclusion and Mitigating Emissions (AIME) program to build capacity of the Yawanawa people for the integrated management and conservation of their 187,000 ha forest territory.

'Stewards of the Forest' premiered on September 20th during Climate Week NYC 2017 at "Going 'All-In' to Address Commodity-Driven Deforestation", an event produced by Forest Trends, World Economic Forum Tropical Forest Alliance 2020, and Consumer Goods Forum - hosted by the Rockefeller Foundation. Additional details available here.

Learn more at the Forest Trends website.

Yawanawa Artisanal Work

Forest Trends in partnership with the Yawanawa Sociocultural Association, TUCUM, and the Artisan Alliance are joining forces to support the artisanal work of the Yawanawa women, purchase their beautiful work here.


presented by Greenpoint Innovations

The greenest point

September 2016



The Greenest Point, presented by Greenpoint Innovations, is a community-focused sustainability awareness project. We brought together artists, musicians, celebrity advocates, and, the general public to experience trending arts and technology, while concurrently learning about local and global sustainability issues. @thegreenestpoint

Many thanks to everyone who graciously volunteered their time, expertise, talents and resources to make this project a success! Scroll down for a list of all Partners & Sponsors. Artists: FaileAskew1Vexta Director: Stephen Donofrio Project Manager: Mark MacInnis Creative Director: Yvette Vexta, Director of Photography: Martin Hoffman, Lead Graphic Designer: Chet Purtilar.

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‘Love me, Love me not’



The thread that binds us’

Vexta & Askew1

“We try to create images that let the viewer experience a visceral emotion and give room to project into the work. The idea was the timeless theme of “love me… love me not”—aiming to depict a moment that asks the question of what kind of relationship we have with nature. Are we here to love it and take care of it or not? The frog represents nature, cleansing, rebirth and metamorphosis. We used part of a traditional polish pattern in the socks as a nod to the Polish community in Greenpoint. The orientation of the image facing the city suggests a place for thoughtful meditation within our modern age.” -Faile

“I wanted to paint portraits of local people doing interesting things around sustainability within the Greenpoint area. I think it’s great to paint local faces, people with a genuine connection to the neighborhood and acknowledge their good work. Accompanying these paintings are additional short video pieces that can be accessed via a QR code that have each of the subjects speaking about what they do in their own words” -Askew

“…we are not the only ones effected by climate change. I painted the Common Loon, Bohemian Waxwing and Purple Finch all of which are native to the NY state area. Each of these birds is climate threatened or endangered according to the Audubon report. The icebergs they fly above are constructed of geometric melting shapes which are representation of the sub atomic particles that make up all matter. Further connecting us to our changing world.” -Vexta


'Beacon of Green'

Greenpoint Innovations collaborated with Brooklyn Expo Center, Reveal Design Group, Philips Color Kinetics US, Brooklyn Solar Works and expert-rigging company CAN to illuminate Greenpoint's iconic water tower in high-energy efficient green lights, powered by a pop-up solar system, to demonstrate a practical and available example of how individuals within communities can be low-carbon and sustainable.

Solar panels provided by Brooklyn Solar Works Photo: Stephen Donofrio, Greenpoint Innovations
Location: Transmitter Park, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NYC Photo: Stephen Donofrio, Greenpoint Innovations

Our Partners & Sponsors

Bocas del Toro, Panama.

January 2018


sustainable landscape Conservation Investing

GPI worked with a private conservation-committed land owner in Bocas del Toro in Panama to support the owners's efforts to sell the portfolio of two properties, spanning 176-acres - Fincas Esmeralda and Bocas Maribella, only to mission-driven buyers, who value the conservation of biodiversity, indigenous cultures and tropical ecology. Learn more.

  1. Generated high-resolution orthomosaic land maps; and,

  2. Produced an informational video to support land sale efforts (see right).

Watch the video

in collaboration with Cadmus Group

California Climate

January 2018

Screenshot 2018-02-27 09.44.09.png

Strategizing Climate Solutions through Fictitious Scenario Storytelling

In collaboration with Cadmus Group (cadmusgroup.com), Greenpoint Innovations produced a mock newsreel that depicts a fictitious future scenario of the community level impacts of climate change and natural disasters in Southern California.

This video was integrated into a workshop - Multi-Stakeholder Exercise Training on Integrating Mitigation and Adaptation to Enhance Community Cohesion - that Cadmus Group hosted during the 2016 California Climate Adaptation Forum on September 6 (californiaadaptationforum.org/pre-forum-workshops-and-tours/).

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in collaboration with Rainforest Capital Management

The Mamoni 100

November 2015

Screenshot 2018-02-27 07.45.04.png

Strategic development to generate income to enhance and preserve ecologically valuable land.

GPI visited the Mamoní Valley in Panama - "The Crossroads of the Americas" - in partnership with Rainforest Capital Management, EarthTrain, and the Mamoni Valley Preserve to:

  1. Generate high-resolution orthomosaic 2D and 3D maps for sustainable land use planning; and,

  2. Produce an informational video to support Rainforest Capital Management's fundraising efforts for the Mamoni 100.

The Mamoní 100 is a group of like-minded investors who have joined together to apply the Rainforest Capital Management mission and business model to the Mamoní Valley in Panama to preserve the uncontaminated purity and value of nature via market-based investments and to restore this crucial segment of the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor to its former rich biodiversity.

Watch the video