Shining the light on the Serra de Mantiquiera and forest restoration

at the intersection of climate change and water sustainability.

Forests can deliver 30% of the climate solution needed by 2030.

The Mantiqueira Restoration Project is internationally recognized for its successes in carrying out forest restoration efficiently and effectively.

Greenpoint Innovations and Nature4Climate embarked upon a project to make an engaging film, 'Planting Nature', that brings alive the personal stories against the backdrop of such a restoration project. Using a mix of drone footage and old-fashioned storytelling, the film will bring alive what nature means to individuals and organizations.

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Research shows that nature is at least a third of the solution to climate change before 2030. In fact, we cannot achieve the Paris Agreement goals without natural climate solutions. These natural pathways are cost-effective, available now, easily scalable, and are critical to reducing the risk of catastrophic climate change.

Encompassing an area equal to the size of Portugal, Serra de Mantiquiera within the Atlantic Forest is a multi-benefit-producing ecosystem located in the financial heart of Brazil, between the State of Sao Paulo, Rio De Janeiro, and Minas Gerais. While once under-appreciated and undervalued, which led to large scale deforestation and land degradation, this precious ecosystem is being restored through the collaboration of a mix of actors – rural landowners, municipalities, not-for-profits. These activities are increasingly financially incentivized by municipalities, and The Nature Conservancy has been a key partner by providing empirical scientific monitoring and research while also sharing restoration practices, knowledge, and expertise.

This film is intended to generate a greater understanding of the variety of values derived from reforestation in critical natural capital biomes by featuring stories that connect people to the planet.


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#NaturalClimateSolutions for a Low Carbon Future, released during COP 24 (Katowice, Poland) - presented by TNC & Nature4Climate

‘Planting Water’ (English)

'Plantando Agua' - ‘Planting Water’ (Portugese)

‘Planting Water’ (trailer)