A Unique Opportunity for Aveda Salons and Institutes to Partner with the Yawanawa

GPI produced this investor pitch video for Aveda and NativeEnergy, who is creating an exclusive opportunity for members of the Aveda Network to participate in this exciting project that builds on Aveda's long relationship with the Yawanawa people. Soon, Aveda salons and Institutes will be able to help the Yawanawa build and achieve their Life Plan.

Helped in part by their unique 25-year partnership with Aveda, the Yawanawa have accomplished a lot in their struggle to remain in their pristine rainforest homeland. Through many forms of development assistance, along with the purchase of Urukum based ingredients, Aveda has helped the Yawanawa protect their land from loggers and become one of the first indigenous peoples in Brazil to gain recognition of their territory, revive their cultural traditions, and make great strides in restoring the health and well-being of their people.

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