Moniker International Art Fair NYC 2019 Panel Discussion & #ArtPlusPurpose Photo Contest!

Earth Day is here, and we couldn’t be more excited!

#ARTPLUSPURPOSE Photo Contest Winner! Alfie del Rosario’s photo of Lmnopi’s mural in Harlem, NYC for Not A Crime

#ARTPLUSPURPOSE Photo Contest Winner! Alfie del Rosario’s photo of Lmnopi’s mural in Harlem, NYC for Not A Crime

While we shouldn’t forget all the work left to do (the last 5 years were the five hottest on record), it’s important to take time to celebrate all the progress we’re making to take better care of our Earth.

In preparation for Earth Day and our partnership with Moniker’s 2019 NYC International Art Fair, we’ve been celebrating artists who use their creative talents to raise awareness about climate change and social justice. Our #ArtPlusPurpose photo contest, which Greenpoint Innovations first announced at the start of April invited the public to share photos of socially aware art in their community.

Naturally, we expected that the winning submission would explicitly and directly address climate change or the environment, however, we were thrilled to see our judge’s selection of Alfie del Rosario’s photo of Lmnopi’s mural in Harlem for Not A Crime. The mural features 11-year-old literary activist Marley Diaz & her #1000blackgirlbooks campaign…CONTINUE READING IN OUR BLOG


Advertising & Influence & Sustainability @ Moniker

Integrating Purpose with Public Art to Advance Climate Goals

Street art is sexy. Sustainability is sexy. Both increasingly so. Why not fuse the two?

Greenpoint innovations is very excited to be partnering up with Moniker to infuse sustainability thought leadership into the agenda of the 11th edition of the Moniker International Art Fair. Join us on May 5, 2019, for a panel on the closing day to discuss how as the public street art movement has been widely accepted into the mainstream, which has increased the opportunity to leverage its incredible influence for commercial interests, there is an increasing opportunity to influence and advance public interest in, and understanding of, the leading sustainability issues AND solutions of our time.

Speakers include:

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REGISTER for the art fair here  - apply discount code ‘GPIxMoniker‘ for 30% off Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday ticket prices.

REGISTER for the art fair here - apply discount code ‘GPIxMoniker‘ for 30% off Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday ticket prices.

Let us know you’ll be coming on our Facebook event page!

Let us know you’ll be coming on our Facebook event page!

About Moniker International Art Fair NYC 2019

Established in 2010 to provide a platform for an urban art movement just beginning to realise its potential, Moniker’s launch in Shoreditch, London electrified the city’s art scene, propelling new talent into the public eye and launching the careers of numerous now-acclaimed international artists.

As the world of new contemporary art grew, its natural evolution saw boundaries blurred and conventions challenged – urban influences became broader in scope, new contemporary artists took to public spaces to make their mark, while others traded spray caps on brick for canvasses on white walls.

Moniker rose to each evolution with a consistent, committed passion, applying a laser focus of curation to separate out the truly authentic artists and bring them to the forefront of collectors’ attentions. Increasingly, the fair has redefined art fair culture to lend an experiential and immersive focus, creating unique settings for the display of artists and their work.

In 2018, Moniker took its proven track record of delivering a rich and varied programme to New York, adding a new transatlantic dimension and depth to its efforts. A year later, at 10 years old, Moniker has retained its urgency, its relevancy and its authenticity, and above all a commitment to changing with and for the new contemporary movement.

More About the photo contest

The judges:

Entry Details

  • Photo submissions must be original work taken by the contest entrant.

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  • The winner's name will be announced alongside the winning photo submission.

  • Photos that have already been submitted to other contests currently ongoing or have already won prizes in other contests are not eligible.

  • Image files created through any device capable of taking still images, such as smartphones and digital still cameras, will be accepted.

  • Color and monochrome images are valid for entry.

  • After judging concludes, the winner will be notified by email sent to their listed email address on EARTH DAY 2019 (APRIL 22). Instructions for how the winner can claim the Moniker International Art Fair NYC 2019 complimentary pass will be sent to the same listed email address.


Greenpoint Innovations reserves the right to void entries that depict brand logos or other intellectual property, whether on electronic signs, posters, or in other forms, or that in its judgment are harmful to public order, go against standards of decency, or are conflicting to the goals of the contest.

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