Innovating the empowerment of forest-dependent communities to more fully contribute to and directly benefit from climate change mitigation efforts.

GPI worked with Forest Trends and USAID to produce a short documentary film, "Stewards of the Forest", about how successful partnerships among environmental and indigenous organizations - featuring the Yawanawa people of Acre, Brazil - has led to more secure human rights, improvements in the livelihoods of indigenous and traditional communities, increased capacity of sub-national governments to develop low-emissions rural development policies and programs, and protection against risks of deforestation.

'Stewards of the Forest' premiered on September 20th during Climate Week NYC 2017 at "Going 'All-In' to Address Commodity-Driven Deforestation", an event produced by Forest Trends, World Economic Forum Tropical Forest Alliance 2020, and Consumer Goods Forum - hosted by the Rockefeller Foundation. Additional details available here.

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Yawanawa Artisanal Work

Forest Trends in partnership with the Yawanawa Sociocultural Association, TUCUM, and the Artisan Alliance are joining forces to support the artisanal work of the Yawanawa women, purchase their beautiful work here.

Helped in part by their unique 25-year partnership with Aveda, the Yawanawa have accomplished a lot in their struggle to remain in their pristine rainforest homeland. Through many forms of development assistance, along with the purchase of Urukum based ingredients, Aveda has helped the Yawanawa protect their land from loggers and become one of the first indigenous peoples in Brazil to gain recognition of their territory, revive their cultural traditions, and make great strides in restoring the health and well-being of their people.

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As a component of this production, GPI’s SustainaDrone team joined DC-based nonprofit Forest Trends’ Communities Initiative for a visit to the Yawanawa people's Gregorio River Indigenous Territory in the State of Acre, where the initiative has been leading efforts through Accelerating Inclusion and Mitigating Emissions (AIME) program to build capacity of the Yawanawa people for the integrated management and conservation of their 187,000 ha forest territory.