Integrated Arts for Sustainability

The actions of our peers globally impact us locally, and vice versa. We now more than ever need innovative and immersive ways to increase the visibility, comprehensibility and relatability of environmental and social issues that are increasingly reaching into the back pockets of our daily lives. Sequentially, we then can be more assured that an individual's actions will be more motivated and ultimately, the solutions and benefits will be more impactful.

 Photo:  Sebastian Vergne  'The Thread that Binds Us', a   The Greenest Point   mural

Photo: Sebastian Vergne 'The Thread that Binds Us', a The Greenest Point mural

Integrating arts to raise awareness

Climate change and other environmental issues have consequences beyond just changing the weather. They increasingly have an impact on our daily lives. These impacts are obvious when temperatures rise, rainfall slows and fresh water aquifers dry up, or when rivers and seas surge and homes are flooded. But as we look around within the communities we find people who are concerned about the state of the environment, and who are also genuinely interested in being a part of the solution.

So we asked ourselves, how can we tap into this consciousness? By using street art and installing real life examples of a low carbon economy, we aim to make local and global environmental issues and opportunities more connected, relevant and relatable.

The goal of our integrated arts work is to partner with people, businesses, not for profits, communities, cities, and all others, to pragmatically bring sustainability into the mindsets of our friends, families and neighbors. 

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